Let’s Talk Tsum Tsums!

Tsum Tsum’s are by far one of the biggest crazes in the Disney community at the moment. At just £3 each in the UK, they are the perfect little additions for Disney collectors to pick up every now and again. These stackable delights are adorable little plushie portrayals of your favourite Disney, Star Wars and Marvel characters. Originating in Japan back in 2013, Tsum Tsum’s have rapidly become popular all over the world and new character designs are being created all the time.

I began my Tsum Tsum collection back in 2015, when my collection looked like this:


Since then my collection has gradually grown and grown…

Here is January 2016 :


And my Disney collection now looks like this:

(Not forgetting the mini Marvel collection in the corner!)

Too many?I don’t think so…

My favourites from my Disney collection are probably Sebastian and Gaston. I love the adorable little smile on Sebastian’s face and the way his claws have been added separately. Gaston is such a unique little Tsum, when I saw him I just had to get him!


One issue I have always had with Tsum Tsum’s though, is that all human characters seem to have much less detailing than animals – males in particular. This is understandable as male Disney characters tend to not have as many defining features as animals and females, such as long hair, colourful dresses, accessories etc. but with past Tsum Tsums it was often difficult to distinguish who the male Tsums were actually supposed to be. To me, the majority seem quite boring and expressionless, making them much less aesthetically appealing than other characters and, I would guess, less popular.

Here is a small selection of male Tsum’s I have collected so far:


From left to right, we have – Obi Wan Kenobi, Peter Pan, Kristoff, Aladdin, Flynn Rider and Luke Skywalker. To me, they all just look the same! Minus their different hair colours and styles and perhaps the slight clothing differences, their faces are almost identical. There is no expression at all and sadly nothing that makes them unique! Unfortunately, I have purchased these little guys largely due to the fact that I like their character on screen, or because I have needed them to avoid gaps in my collection, rather than because I actually love the Tsum itself. I just don’t look at them on release day and get excited over how cute and detailed they look.. because they don’t!

However, praise the lord, this is something that seems to be being improved and I love it! I noticed this when I picked up Gaston. His facial features and shape are so much more defined and distinguished than previous male Tsums! Here is a comparison between Flynn Rider and Gaston…

016f3ed83294e21c30d906c9700cb9bc117522143c.jpg  01283dd97010b756baddc979e4e39ee8989c89e2d5.jpg

Without the small addition of Flynn’s beard, it could be difficult to recognise and identify Flynn with so little detailing. Gaston, on the other hand, is such a unique little Tsum. With that cute little smirk, noticeable ponytail and expressive eyebrows, not to mention his bright red clothing, he has so much more expression and individuality, making it so much easier to know exactly who it is supposed to be! The genius designers behind these little bundles of joy have continued to amaze us with their creativity as they produce more and more Tsums from our favourite Disney movies, and it doesn’t look like they plan to stop any time soon, with new collections being released every single month. They are clearly improving on and increasing their detailing and giving every Tsum its own personality, and I cannot wait to see what they will bring us in the future! Hercules Tsum Tsums sometime soon please Disney?

To this day, I have 103 Tsum Tsum’s overall, which I am aware is waaaaaay too many, but I don’t intend to stop! Although they don’t really do anything other than sit there and look pretty, I really do love them to bits! They look so wonderful all stacked up on my Disney shelves and add some much needed colour and interest to my tiny little bedroom. They are such a fabulous little creation and I thank Disney for bringing these little snippets of magic into the world!


Wondering why I haven’t mentioned the Star Wars Tsums you can see above? Don’t worry, a separate post about those will be uploaded very soon!


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